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Sage Tincture

In modern herbal medicine, sage is used as a general tonic for the body but it also works well for a range of diseases. According to herbalists, sage can act as a "tonic", mainly because of the essential oil containing, but as a "stimulant", mainly because of the tannins it contains. It is considered that helps in cases of atonia of the stomach and intestines (stimulates digestion). May be used to stimulate the nervous system and is considered to be a positive influence in cases of nervous disorders, melancholy or depression.

Sage is known to be particularly useful in the treatment of heavy sweating, intense night sweats, as well as those located in the hands and underarm area. For this reason it is considered particularly useful for the treatment of menopausal hot flashes. Many herbalists recommend Sage as an regulator of women's period as it is considered to have estrogenic properties and positive influence in regulating both amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea. As a beverage, it is considered very effective for the treatment of colds.

Sage may be used as a mouthwash against gingivitis and as a gargle for treating sore throat, laryngitis, pharyngitis and tonsillitis.

Packaging: Glass bottle

Content: Available in 20 ml / 100 ml / liter.

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