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Melissa Tincture

Melissa, Lemon balm, balm, balm mint.

In ancient Greece, Dioscorides used the balm for the sting of scorpion, while in Europe it was used against hypertension, skin irritations, wounds, toothache and even hair loss. However, the most important properties are the anti-aging properties of Melissa. In the Middle Ages alchemists were said to use Melissa in order to make youth elixirs. Arabs used Melissa against depression and hypertension. It leaves a strong lemon scent in the air and at Mount Athos will find it everywhere, in monasteries, cloisters and cells.

Melissa is anxiolytic and mild sedative. The consumption helps to relieve anxiety and stress, while it is effective in cases of insomnia. It is recommended in cases of herpes labialis. From the main features of the herb are its emmenagogue properties(relieve menstrual pain). Melissa increases perception and enhances memory and it is recommended in patients with Alzheimer's.

Packaging: Glass bottle

Content: Available in 20 ml / 100 ml / liter.

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