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 Aloysia triphylla

Aloysia citrodora, Lemon Verbena or Luisa because of the lemony scent of the flowers and leaves. It is one of the most famous herbs for the treatment of obesity. A good choice for those who suffer from fluid retention.

Benefits: For stomach diseases and digestive tract as well as oral malodor. Reduces fever and regulates diarrhea. The hot Luisa tea is famous for its aphrodisiac properties.

Cooking: Use Louisa to flavor and scent in lemon sauces that accompany white meats or fish, soups and salads, and fresh leaves to flavour sweets (eg cakes, ice cream) and drinks.

Packaging: Paper envelopes

Content: 15g

Family Pack

Packaging: Plastic bag

Content: 40g

All our herbs and pulses are also provided in bulks or according to the customer's needs. For further information and orders, please contact us.