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Rosmarinus officinalis

Rosemary means "breeze from the sea". Ιn different cultures Rosemary was believed to attract happiness. Ιn ancient Greece, Rosemary was the symbol of Venus, goddess of Love and that's why all the bridal bouquets included Rosemary. Ancient Greeks also used to wear rosemary hoops when they wanted to increase their memorizing ability.

Βenefits: Improves memorization and concentration. It is stimulating and protects from infections, colds, asthma and cough. Recommended in cases of low blood pressure and faintness. Releaves muscle pains and aches. Its ability to distract the fat stocks makes it ideal against cellulite.

Cooking: Use Rosemary to flavor fish and meat. Ideal for lamp and pork. Necessary for barbeque since it blocks carcinogenic compounds resulting of cooking in high temperature

Packaging: Paper envelopes

Content: 15g

Family Pack

Packaging: Plastic bag

Content: 40g

All our herbs and pulses are also provided in bulks or according to the customer's needs. For further information and orders, please contact us.